I’ve decided I’ll use this one as a small space for some shameless self-promotion. Actually, to be fair, I’d say it’s a healthy mix of well-deserved publicity, personal involvement, and genuine interest, not least because I’m talking about music, once more with love. Therefore, if you allow me, it’s not even the case that I’m diverging that much from the usual editorial strategy I’ve been adopting for this page, if there ever was such thing. Anyways, enough said for the introduction: this time I’m devoting this blogpost to the London-based house record label VELo REC (check out their logo attached below).

One of the reasons I’m writing about VELo REC, founded in early 2014 by two Swiss guys in Shoreditch, is that a couple of weeks ago I started helping them out a bit with their social media accounts, which, by the way, I highly encourage you go check out and support (they’re present on Facebook, Twitter, Ello, Instagram, and obviously, since they’re producing house music, on SoundCloud and MixCloud). So far it’s been real fun for me, I’m learning a lot from their insights from that wild beasty jungle called ‘music industry’ and I’m truly enjoying working with and around their music products. In this regard, VELo REC usually releases a one-artist-focused Single/EP each month, with their April’s release “Low House, Vol. 1” featuring Paris-based DJ and producer Parsifal about to come out on 13th April on Beatport, initially. Then, after a two-week exclusive availability on the online music store specialised in electronic music, the Single/EP normally hits (literally) all other digital stores around for the general sale.

But a classic musical release is not the only quality thing VELo REC puts out periodically. In fact, they’re also hosting two very cool monthly podcasts called “VELo Radio Show” and “VELo Session” (which are all listenable and downloadable on their SoundCloud page). The first one consists of a radio-format episode in which usually the monthly artist gets widely introduced and hosts a special mix with favourite/notable electronic gems surrounding their release. The VELo Session instead is a one-hour guest-mixed podcast which highlights and shares some of VELo REC’s favourite new tunes around. As mentioned earlier, the genre they’re producing is generally house-related, with a slightly heavier focus on the tech- and deep- sub dimensions (so far they’ve counted on collaborations with artists such as Stefano Ritteri, Megan Faye, Tom Alemanno and Divalvi), so expect all of their publications to revolve around that musical cluster.

On top of all that, VELo REC is currently planning various additional projects involving, amongst others, a huge 1st-year-of-label birthday party at the end of May, a brand new blog, and some very cool merchandising. On a more hurried note, in addition to all the released material and podcasts, you can definitely go check out a short snippet from Parsifal’s “Low House, Vol. 1” (out tomorrow) on their SoundCloud profile. If you happen to like it, too, nothing is stopping you from supporting them by buying the thing as well.

All in all, the label is absolutely worth a in-depth check out for anyone interested in house and electronic music in general, the guys are talented and creative: their artistic wheel is definitely spinning at higher rates!

I’d like to thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this and I hope to feel your interest again next time.




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