WELL, COME! | 2015-02-20

There is nothing like getting excited about something you’ve always dismissed as pointless and as a waste of your time. I’m not gonna lie right now, I’ve always found the idea of having a blog problematic to say the least. Mainly because of a distant perception that sooner or later, or maybe let’s just go with sooner, one simply runs out of excitement in relation to this form of (creative) expression. It seems to me that it doesn’t leave much room for variation or experimentation. In fact, the blogs I tend to follow regularly are absolutely countable on the fingers of one human hand. Needless to say, everytime someone mentioned blogging as a fruitful way to find one’s self and to explore tastes, passions, and emotions steering our lives and shaping the outside reality I wasn’t really tempted to reply affirmatively.

However, I feel the time has come for me to land away from the elitist-heaven of non-bloggers and to embrace this new commitment with high enthusiasm. The reasons for this are numerous, but all in all they could be summarised in a refreshing need to express myself in ways I hadn’t tried out before. So far, I’ve normally been using music in its various manifestations in order to do so, and while I’m sure no form is going to replace other forms, this whole thing I’m embarking on right now will lead me to exciting new channels of shaped self-expression.

I’m not really sure about content, frequency, and specific writing-style with regard to the essence of this page – by the way very kindly hosted by WordPress – although judging by first, rather primitive instincts of sourced interest I can already announce that music-related musings won’t be lacking. Yet, given the fact I also do a bunch of other stuff in my everyday life and I don’t just listen to rad music on the iPod, it won’t be a surprise to me to retrospectively stumble upon entries about journalism, society, and all forms of artistic endeavours, either in direct/conscious or indirect/unconscious form. Also, I don’t rule out the fact that, at least initially, I’ll rely much on the things I post, comment and abundantly retweet on another social networking website called Twitter, which also very kindly takes care of my yet-to-be-verified profile named after my name.

Speaking of names, I’ve provisionally called this page Everything Must Swing. If you don’t really get the meaning at a first glance or if it doesn’t sound familiar at all, that’s normal. It represents an old obsession of mine, namely the establishment of the perfect rock and roll outfit that could allow me and my fellow bandmates to rock the goddamn hell out of every performance. As you can probably already tell, the name wasn’t an issue anymore. Matter of fact, the name is the combination of the titles of two very important tunes for me, “Everything Must Go” and “Swing”, composed, recorded, and officially performed by this band from Long Island, NY. I’d like to think that Everything Must Swing not only denotes a personal legacy to my character, but that, linguistically speaking, it also means that there is a continuous flow of energetic connection that encompasses the entire structuring of our realities, and it is constantly swinging and changing sources of action amongst us. Hopefully, fragments from its incredible force will find their way into this ephemeral page.

I’d like to thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this and I hope to feel your interest again next time.



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